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Smart. Aggressive. Meticulous.


Kimberly is serious about her work. She knows her way around the courtroom when necessary, but also works hard to get the best outcome for her clients when a trial is not the best alternative for her client. She is well-respected by the bench and bar. I endorse this lawyer.
— Jeffrey Hines, Denton, TX | Criminal Defense Attorney
People call her “The Shank” because she is so deathly aggressive. She fights tooth and nail for her people, and the DA’s are scared of her. No one fights more than she does.
— James Christopher Abel, Flower Mound, TX | Criminal Defense Attorney
She’s a no-nonsense, tough broad with great skill in the courtroom. An excellent attorney I’ve known for years.
— Andrew Lloyd, Denton, TX | Family Law Attorney
I endorse this lawyer. Kimberly is smart and aggressive. She fights for her client and is a powerful force in the courtroom. She truly cares for her client and works very hard to provide the best possible outcome for them.
— Leah Harbour, Denton, TX | Family Law Attorney
I endorse this lawyer. Kimberly has extensive experience in all aspects of Criminal cases.
— Brent David Bowen, Denton, TX | DUI / DWI Attorney
Kimberly is an excellent attorney. She’s experienced and aggressive. I have no hesitation about referring cases to her.
— Brian Tackett, Denton, TX | Divorce Separation Lawyer
I endorse this lawyer. With Kimberly as your lawyer, you will get the attention to detail that you and your case need to have the outcome you are seeking. Kimberly has my confidence and endorsement to get the job done.
— David Cook, Mansfield, TX | Family Law Attorney
Having worked against Kimberly when I was a prosecutor I can attest that she is a stellar trial attorney. I endorse Kimberly knowing that she is always prepared with tough arguments and vast legal knowledge of all the issues a case may present.
— Nathaniel Miller, Denton, TX | DUI / DWI Attorney


If I could give Kimberly more then 5 stars I would. If you are in the Denton area and need a lawyer, I strongly recommend Kimberly. From what I heard about the judge I had she did the impossible for me. Kimberly was the only one who treated me like an actual person instead of just another case number. She always kept me informed and always responded promptly to my emails. I simply cannot recommend her enough.
— Dustin | Review
Kimberly and her paralegal Jessica were instrumental in resolving a nasty, 12 year old custody battle quickly and effectively. I had been badly burned by a previous lawyer who gauged me out of all of my savings and utterly humiliated himself and me during a hearing. Needless to say, I was hesitant to trust attorneys again. Kimberly listened to the long and dramatic saga and gave me excellent and practical advice. She was honest and forthcoming about what I should expect, even if it wasn’t what I was hoping for. This made me realize that she is not a lawyer who is in it for the money; she truly cares about her clients and works exceptionally hard to get the best possible outcome. As a woman who has had to deal with a bully of an opponent for over a decade, having a strong-willed, smart, experienced, and aggressive woman in my corner made all the difference.
— Rachel | Review
Ms. Shanklin is the best of the best - there is no other way to put it. She always kept me in the loop and everything was always very clear cut. With some lawyers, you have to track them down to check on the status of your case. She would always text or call whenever there was an update. I never had to worry!
— Anonymous | Review
If I could give a higher rating than just 5 stars I would. I would not know how to describe my gratitude towards Kimberly and her assistant Tracy. My case started when my now ex wife filed for custody and child support wrongfully. I went into Kimberly’s office not knowing what my out come was going to be or if i could even be helped. After a consultation with Mrs. Shanklin i felt a huge sense of relief. Fast forward about 4 months and my nightmare was over! We received the outcome I wanted rather than the outcome the AGs office wanted me to have. I would email Kimberly’s office at least 100 times a day and would receive an answer for all my questions and concerns by the end of the day. They are awesome and I would recommend The Law Office of Kimberly N. Shanklin proudly!
— Johnny | Review
Kim handled my case quickly and thoroughly. She obtained a reasonable and satisfactory outcome for me. I would recommend her and her fantastic team to anyone.
— Anonymous | Review
I will start my review with a brief history so that you understand the position I was in and the gratitude I am left with following my experience with this office and specifically with Kimberly Shanklin.

I spent 13 years of my life in an abusive/co-dependent relationship that ended 10/2012. The months that followed this event were the worst of my life. One night in March of 2013 as I was trying to “find” myself. I left a group of friends after an evening of Dinner and beverages. I did not believe I was impaired until I found myself face to face with a police officer. I was in turn arrested and charged with a DWI. To some, a DWI charge is just that.....a charge. TO ME; I thought my life was over.

From jail, I called the person I had spent 13 years of my life with and not only did he not accept the “collect call” but he took the time to call the Jail to tell them “for me not to call”. I felt alone, confused and did NOT know what to do.

I was referred to the Tim Powers office through a friend of mine. I met with Tim powers first and immediately felt some sense of relief. His office is very professional and he himself is very diligent in his work. Through-out the process I was kept informed through phone/email contact constantly by Deborah. They welcomed my MULTITUDE of questions with answers and not frustration. I did not know what to expect as I had never dealt with anything remotely similar to this so I had concerns. As my case began I was assigned to Ms. Kimberly Shanklin. I will admit that I some reservations as I did not know anything about Ms. Shanklin. However, those concerns were quickly dismissed. Ms. Shanklin SAVED MY LIFE and she didn’t even know it. I will forever be grateful to Ms. Shanklin. Yes, I was charged and eventually convicted of the DWI charge however......Ms. Shanklin was somehow able to work with the DA and as a result secured a “Plea” that I could not turn down. I
cannot begin to share with you the level of professionalism and compassion from this office. There is SOOOOOO MUCH more to my story and I will share it with whoever asks......but the short of my review; IF YOU FIND YOURSELF IN NEED OF AN ATTORNEY - KIMBERLY NICOLE SHANKLIN is the only choice in Denton County!
— MG | Review
Attorney Shanklin represented me through The Offices of Tim Powers on a DWI case in Denton. I was a handful, to say the least. The decisions I made during her counsel made her defense increasingly difficult, and she had already worked so hard from the beginning. The day I first met with her in court, she had in her hands a thick file with my name on it. I noticed an extensive amount of notes, material, and documents she had gathered- on a misdemeanor DWI case... I thought to myself, “Wow, I never thought so much work would go into this to help me.” She came prepared, and it was reassuring to see the amount of work she had already done on my behalf. Kimberly knew everyone in that courtroom, and it seemed like she was running the place. She was confident, and for a lack of a better way to put it, I wouldn’t want to get in an argument with her- I felt lucky she was on my side.
— Martin | Review
When you hear the phrase: “There’s an ANGEL looking out for you”....that would be Kimberly. Kimberly is a top notch attorney with a superb skill at what she does. Yes, getting a DWI sucked....but with the help of Kimberly the fall wasn’t as hard as I expected. When I was down she was there to pick me right back up. She was by my side to the end. Thank you Kimberly
— William | Review
Kimberly is aggressive in a smart, knowledgeable, and communicative way. She is passionate about her job and genuinely cares and takes time to listen to her clients. While she works to mediate any issues, she is also a tough litigator and is not afraid to go to court if needed. She was able to communicate the law and my case was dropped in the name of Justice. I highly recommend Kimberly!
— Clay | Review
Ms. Shanklin was excellent. She was very knowledgeable, caring, as well as understanding in my case. Very professional and I had no problems in my case. Everything was clear cut. I even had the judge tell me I had the best lawyer in Denton County. I would refer Ms. Shanklin to anyone.
— Anonymous | Review
Kimberly did a great job and was very professional, I thought everything was very thorough and handled well. I felt like I could go about my business and not have to worry about how things were going or if things were getting done. She did a great job with what I was expecting even though I had times that I’m sure I was difficult to work with. A divorce is never fun but she will take care of you.
— Josh | Review
After hiring a terrible attorney out of Dallas (Nick Smith) I was given Kimberly ‘ s number to finish my divorce and I immediately knew that she would do everything in her power to help me. She has been extremely understanding of the difficulties with my situation and I only wish I had found her sooner. Thank you .....just isn’t enough for all the hard work and compassion Kimberly has shown me. I have and will continue to recommend her anytime someone I know may need legal help.
— Janice | Review
Mrs. Shanklin is a highly respected and reputable Denton attorney who has a passion for family law. She is current on licensing and family code statutes. Her demeanor is professional, personable, and compassionate. She keeps communication flowing on vital matters, and she will stand behind you 150% to fight for your case.
— Anonymous | Review
Kimberly is very professional! She told me she would prove my innocence and she did exactly that! I would recommend her to anyone in need of the best lawyer in Denton county! Wouldn’t use anyone else!
— Daniel | Review
With Kimberly, I was finally able to get some sleep. Knowing that my future was in the hands of someone not only so capable, but also passionate, caring and professional was one of the most relieving feelings I’ve felt in a while. She acts with expediency and grace. She is approachable and she listens. I was on probation for a class A misdemeanor possession of Marijuana and got arrested for a PI and shortly after that a DWI. Kimberly was able to get me continued probation and an extremely short jail sentence of 28 days worth of weekends on a work-release program. An incredible bargain (considering the horror stories I have heard about the court I was in) that can be accomplished only through the hard work she exhibits and connections she has made in her career. If you are having trouble getting sleep because of mistakes you have made and are worried about your career, your family and your future like I was, do yourself a favor and hire Kimberly Shanklin, you will not be disappointed.
— Anonymous | Review