Kimberly Shanklin

Kimberly Shanklin


Clients are often left wondering what sort of service they can expect from their attorney, but Kimberly Shanklin’s record speaks for itself. For nearly two decades, Kimberly has provided her clients with the utmost professional service in the fields of Family and Criminal Law. A veteran in client advocacy, Kimberly has the experience of a seasoned trial attorney. She continues to fight for each new client with the same tenacity and zealousness as she did when she first started practicing in 2002.

Before moving to solo practice, Kimberly spent 13 years working for a larger firm representing thousands of clients. In Criminal and Family Law specifically, those who need representation are likely going through one of the most difficult and emotional times in their lives. In order to meet the highly individualized needs of her clients during these times of turmoil, Kimberly chooses quality over quantity to ensure that every client feels valued.

As a solo practitioner, Kimberly gives special attention to every case she takes on. Client’s worries are put at ease knowing that Kimberly is the attorney working on their case: not a first year associate who the work has been passed on to. Remaining in solo practice allows for Kimberly to maintain a personal relationship with her clients, and an open line of responsive communication.

Kimberly’s individualized, client-driven approach is one reason why her clients have voted her the best Criminal Law Office for the last 4 years: the other is the results she delivers.

Born in Orange County, California, Kimberly moved to Texas after obtaining her undergraduate degree from the University of Oklahoma, and has practiced law in Texas since her graduation from the Texas Wesleyan School of Law. A committed member to her family and her community, Kimberly Shanklin is dedicated to maintaining a client focused firm based on honest, ethical representation that delivers quality results.

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