Pre-Trial Diversion

Pre-Trial Diversion (PTD) is an alternative justice method that is sometimes used in lieu of traditional court proceedings for offenders who meet a specific criteria. PTD is a program of supervision administered by the U.S. Probation Service, and offenders are typically put on the pre-trial diversion path at the pre-charge stage of their legal matter. Successful completion of the program will result in charges not being filed, or, if they have been filed, the charges will be dismissed. Failure to complete the program will result in the individual being prosecuted.

Goals of Pre-Trial Diversion

  • To prevent future criminal activity among certain offenders by diverting them from traditional processing into community supervision and services.
  • To save prosecutive and judicial resources for concentration on major cases
  • To provide, where appropriate, a vehicle for restitution to communities and victims of crime.
  • The period of supervision is not to exceed 18 months, but may be reduced.


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Requirements for Pre-Trial Diversion in Denton County, TX

The U.S. Attorney is awarded discretion in initiating PTD proceedings. He or she may begin proceedings for any individual who is not:

  • Accused of an offense which, under existing Department guidelines, should be diverted to the State for prosecution
  • A person with two or more prior felony convictions
  • A public official or former public official accused of an offense arising out of an alleged violation of a public trust; or
  • Accused of an offense related to national security or foreign affairs. 

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