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Fraudulent Destruction, Removal, or Concealment of Writing

Fraudulent Destruction, Removal, or Concealment of Writing

Chapter 32 of the Texas Penal Code defines offenses relating to fraud.

“Fraudulent Destruction, Removal, or Concealment of Writing, as per § 32.47 of the Texas Penal Code, occurs when a person, with intent to defraud or harm another, he destroys, removes, conceals, alters, substitutes, or otherwise impairs the verity, legibility, or availability of a writing, other than a governmental record.

An offense under this section is a state jail felony if the writing:

  • is a will or codicil of another, whether or not the maker is alive or dead and whether or not it has been admitted to probate; or

  • is a deed, mortgage, deed of trust, security instrument, security agreement, or other writing for which the law provides public recording or filing, whether or not the writing has been acknowledged.

Severity of Crime

State Jail Felony

  • Confinement in a state jail for not more than two years and not less than 180 days

  • In addition to confinement, may receive a fine not to exceed $10,000