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Criminal Law

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It’s important to choose the right representation when you are facing criminal charges and possible incarceration.  Kimberly Shanklin knows Criminal Law and understands the importance of providing dedicated representation.  Whether you are facing the prospect of jail time, or need representation with court orders, we are here to help.  Contact us today or give us a call at 940-382-8216 to get started.

Criminal Law

Area Focus
  • Felony Cases
  • Misdemeanor Cases
  • Pre-Trial Diversion
  • First Offender Drug Program
  • Felony Drug Court
  • Family Drug Court
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Helping Bring Strength in Times of Adversity

At our firm we believe in focusing on specialized attention, superior representation and efficient decision making.  For nearly two decades, Kimberly Shanklin has provided her clients with the utmost professional service

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