Law Office of Kimberly N. Shanklin, PLLC.
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Law office of Kimberly N. Shanklin, PLLC.

Family & Criminal Law


Voted the Best Criminal Law Office in Denton County, Four Years Running

- Murray Media Group

Law Office of Kimberly N. Shanklin, PLLC.

Our office is a result-oriented full-service law firm offering a full range of legal services in Denton County, Texas. We are focused on fulfilling each client’s specific needs and exceeding their expectations. We represent clients in a variety of cases, such as, divorce, child custody matters, adoptions, CPS, expunctions, non-disclosures, and most misdemeanor and felony criminal cases to name a few. Our primary objective is to deliver outstanding results for each of our clients in the most cost-effective manner possible.



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